Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Coats and Jacket

Stylish Girls Winter Coats and Jackets


With winter rapidly approaching you may be thinking about purchasing a new winter coat or jacket for your girl. There's some great choice available this year that will not only protect your child from winter chills but will also satisfy their need to look good when out and about or with their friends. type of coat you are looking for when you start shopping for a winter coat for your girl you should bear in mind a few things first. Make sure the coat you eventually settle on is ok for the climate you live in. If you get a lot of rainfall then buy a coat that is more waterproof than others. If your climate turns very cold during the winter and you get a lot of snow or chilly winds then buy a coat that offers more protection against the cold. Ok with that out of the way what's available this year in terms of stylish girls winter coats?
Well one type of winter jacket or coat that always looks fashionable is a wool coat. These coats usually come in a three quarter length rather than a full length or waist style jacket and this is more practicle for girls as they can't always cope with full length coats. Wool coats are excellent at keeping out the cold winds of winter and have some great designs. This season you can find wool winter coats both with and without hoods. Again consider your climate as a hood offers excellent protection against not only the rain but also wind. If you really don't want a hood on your wool coat then there are plenty available with detachable hoods so this compromise is the best of both worlds. Wool coats look great with plaid designs on them and are suitable for almost any occasion looking stylish whilst keeping your girl warm.
Another popular style of girls winter coat this season is the quilted coat. These tend to be slightly shorter than most wool coats and end around the waist or hips. A quilted coat will usually cost less than a good quality wool coat but can still be found with stylish prints. Again a lot of quilted girls coats come with hoods, both detachable and fixed, so are great in this respect as well.
If your climate is very wet and there is a lot of rainfall then consider a full raincoat for your girl. These offer excellent protection against the wind and rain but aren't necessarily as stylish as wool or quilted coats. The internet is a great place to see the different styles of raincoat available and a little searching can quickly bring some great choices.



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