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Have Skin Care Tools

6 Must-Have Skin Care Tools

Do you ever look at the multitude of skin care tools looking for what you need, but then leave with nothing because you're so overwhelmed? You don't need them all, but some of them really will make a difference in your skin.
Check out this list of must-have skin care tools to see what you need.

1. Cotton Pads

Sephora Brand: FACE Duo Makeup Removal PadsImage provided by Sephora
These little pads are a must-have tool for everyone because they have so many uses. They are circular cotton pads that can be used for the following: applying toner, removing eye makeup, removing nail polish, cleansing your face.I am always finding new ways to use these cotton pads.
And they are cheap too! You can buy them at Sephora for $4.00 for 70, but you can probably find them in your drugstore too. (Although they might not be as strong as the Sephora ones.) You'll life will definitely be easier after trying these.

2. Magnified Mirror

Sephora Brand: Round Table Vanity MirrorImage provided by Sephora
Magnified mirrors are great to have on hand. They help you find pesky little facial hair that needs to be removed, get a good look at your pores and enlarge your eyes for tricky makeup application.
Most mirrors have a regular side and a magnified side so you can choose what you need. You can pick up one at any drugstore.

3. Tweezers

Tweezerman: TweezersImage provided by Sephora
Everybody needs a good tweezers to get rid of pesky facial hair. It's not an option. And if you're looking for the best tweezers on the market, look no further than Tweezerman's Slant Tweezers. They come in my favorite, stainless steel, or a rainbow of colors, including animal prints. You can indulge your inner diva with a tweezers that suits your personality.
These tweezers are so great because they get the hair out the first time, without breaking the hair, like so many other tweezers do. These will help you prolong your facial wax, as well as remove the pesky strand that grows in where it doesn't belong.

4. Washcloth

Image courtesy PriceGrabber
It may be tempting and fun to get one of the fun facial and body cleansing tools, but in all honesty, all you need is a washcloth. Using a washcloth gives your skin a touch of gentle exfoliation every single day, and you likely already have a closet full of them. You will absolutely notice the difference in your skin once you start using them.
Make sure to wash them on a regular basis, and hang them in between uses to dry. I use one for my face and another one for my body.

5. Manicure/Pedicure Nail Kit

Sephora Brand: Professional Manicure/Pedicure Nail Kit Image provided by Sephora
Everyone needs to have an occasional manicure and pedicure, but who has the time and money to hit the nail salon each week? By having your own pedicure/manicure set, you'll be able to give yourself a fabulous treatment right at home for a fraction of the cost.
And if you are one who does hit the salon for a weekly or month pedicure or manicure, think about bringing your own tools along. This can save you from getting an infection, which can and does happen.
In this set you'll get the following tools: cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher, nail clipper, nail buffer, nail file, nail brush, a pumice stone, a set of toe separators in a clear travel bag.

6. 4-Way Nail Buffer

Sephora Brand: 4-Step BufferImage provided by Sephora
These little tools are so handy and inexpensive, they're perfect to have on hand. A nail buffer with 4 sides will give your nails a salon-like natural shine so nice that you can forget about applying polish.
Sephora makes using it fool proof by numbering each side. (Although, you can use any 4-way buffer!) Start with the grittiest side and gently buff each nail moving through all four sides of the buffer. When you hit the fourth side (the smoothest), you'll be amazed at just how shiny your nails are.


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