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Length and Style of the Dress

Length and Style of the Dress

A young Flower Girl will often share more in common with the Bride stylistically, while one that is slightly older should reflect the fashion of the Bride's Maids. Traditional ceremonies will often call for a full length satin gown and veil to match the bride. However, contemporary designs more often show simple styles and clean lines in a tea length.
Adorable Kids' Pink Melissa Dress
Adorable Kids' Pink Melissa dress design
Though it is tempting to choose your favourite design, be sure to consider the best style for the wearer. Sleeveless, modern gowns are a popular choice as they combine comfort and elegance. But consider the style of her dress carefully as the wearer's look will be a key to her mood on the day.

Colours and Accessories

While matching to the rest of the bridal party isn't necessarily compulsory, White and Ivory are the most popular colours for Flower Girl Dresses. Silver and light pastels can also be good choices if the Bride has decided on a more contemporary look. If you're considering matching your Flower Girl's dress with the décor perhaps try a flower-petal filled design.
Flower Girl with Floral Bouquet

Don't over accessorise! While it's tempting to adorn the young lady in jewellery, when it comes to accessories often less is more. This doesn't mean a cute tiara and earrings won't look great, but try to limit the use of heavy wraps and bracelets (remember, she needs free arms for throwing flowers!)
Simple Flower Girl Dress without Accessories

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