Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wear Spring's Bright Lip

How to Wear Spring's Bright Lip Colors

There are few beauty looks that scream SPRING like a bold lip color. It's hard to imagine, but spring really is just around the corner. What better way to get in the mood, than to adopt one of Spring/Summer 2011’s most versatile trends?
Bold lips on the Vena Cava runwayBold lips on the Dior runway

From bold red to fluorescent orange, a bold lip means you can take it easy with the rest of your makeup; pair it with a strong eye, let's say, and the look will be too strong, especially during the day. The key to this lip is to keep them matte as satin, as gloss finishes can wear off easily, and require mid-day upkeep. Best of all, a matte finish transitions flawlessly from day to evening – just be sure to pick a color that looks right with your skin.
Bold lips on the Fendi runwayBold lips on the Jil Sander runway

Fair skin tones suit pink undertones, so look for a pink-toned orange or warm red. Medium tones suit blue-based reds and pinks. Dark tones can carry off plums best, but a contrasting pink is another great option. You don’t have to buy a designer lipstick to get the look that makeup artists at every show from Fendi to Vena Cava worked tirelessly to perfect. Department stores and drugstores carry great options, from standard lipsticks to effortless lip stains. 


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