Friday, January 28, 2011

Girls Leather Wallets leather wallets are the favorite of girls or should say that they are the best companion of girls. You can decorate your pink wallet with astonishing designs and accessories if you wish to. If you do not have a pink wallet with you, first get one that you love according to your taste and specifications. If you have some design specifications, you can include your own ideas while decorating your pink wallet so that you will get exactly what you wanted. When looking for the type of pink wallet for decorating, a trifold wallet would be just the perfect one as it will have enough space to work. If you have your own ideas for decoration, it will be better as this can get your wallet customized to suit your individual taste and help in saving time searching for designs. If you are in search of reliable information for designing your favorite pink wallet, then this article will be useful for you.
The things you will require for designing your pink wallet is a design item, spray paint, black fabric pieces, monogrammed letters, black crystals, photo editor program and glue. Take your wallet and spray paint the design that you love on its surface. There are so many amazing patterns that can look wonderful on a wallet and goes well with the design on the wallet. After choosing the pattern, spray the black acrylic paint all over the pattern on the opened wallet so as to create the design you have chosen. Now, allow the wallet to dry by giving it plenty of time without touching or moving it. can now decorate your wallet with the monogrammed letters that are available in different colors and styles in any craft store. Stick them to the outside of the wallet with fabric glue. Make sure that they do not curl up. Adding the black fabric pieces on the pink wallet can give a good contrast to your wallet. You should cut the fabric pieces and then glue them by pressing them down on the inside of your wallet. Keep it open to dry. You can also put the pink photographs to your wallet with the help of photo editing program to match with the wallet. The black crystals can be adhered to the snaps and pulls of the wallet to add to the beauty.

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