Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skin Types

Basic Skin Types 
Oily Skin
Did you have a problem with acne during high school?
Does your hair tend to be oily?
Does your foundation tend to wear off within a few hours?
Do you wake up with an oily film on your nose, forehead, and chin?
Do you tan easily?
Dry Skin
Are you under thirty-five?
Is your hair dry?
Do your hands often feel tight and rough?
Does your skin feel tight after washing or showering?
Did your skin sail through adolescence with little or no problems?
Complex Dry Skin Profile
Are you over thirty five?
Do you have raised brown spots, large freckles, or reddish patches on
your skin?
Have you developed lines around eyes and forehead?
Is your skin dull with a pale or yellowish tone?
Does your skin sag along the jawline?
Normal Skin Profile
Do you have even skin color, free of red or dark patches?
Are you free of enlarged pores?
Did acne problems clear up after high school?
Does your hair stay fresh between shampoos?
Can you try products without fear of irritation?
Acne Troubled Skin
Do new products tend to make your skin break out?
Did you have moderate to severe acne during high school?
Does your skin break out even if you are careful about your cleansing and diet?
Are you troubled by dandruff?
Did your parents have oily or acne-troubled skin?

facial.jpg (3482 bytes) SKIN CHART

Normal skin is not too oily or dry and blemishes are uncommon. Normal skin is firm, with a healthy appearance. It is normally smooth with small pores. Good care and the right products are recommended to maintain this skin type.
Oily skin is often shiny and coarse in texture and may have recurring blackheads and enlarged pores. It may also have patches of flakiness around the nose where excess oils have dried. Because of its constant lubrication.
Broken capillaries, and vessels beneath the surface of the skin distinguish this skin type. Sensitive skin should not be over stimulated because it is extremely sensitive.

Due to sun exposure and aging, skin can lose its ability to produce moisture and natural oils. This results in dry skin. Though it may look smooth with fine pores and few blackheads or blemishes, it may also have a tight, leathery appearance.


This skin type has an oily T-zone across the forehead, nose and chin, but a normal to dry area around the cheeks and throat. Another combination pattern is oily along the chin, jaw line and at the temples, but normal to dry skin everywhere else.

Mature Skin

Loose crepey, appearance, and Lines distinguish this skin type which develops due to biological changes, due to aging processes, a slow down of cell growth. Cells don't regenerate quickly and skin loses its elasticity.

follow.gif (810 bytes)
Acne skin is usually oily and distinguished by blackheads and pimples. If neglected and uncared for these blemishes can advance to a worsened stage and leave you with scarred and pitted skin.

Ailing Skin

If you have a serious skin problem you should see a dermatologist. 
Proper use of Jevelle's skin care products can correct certain problems resulting in healthier looking skin.

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