Tuesday, February 15, 2011

High Heels shoes

Wearing high heels is a way for a woman to accentuate her image and style. While there are different designs and fashions for high heels: from soft and classy to wild and bold, most women agree that adding high heels gives them a little bit of flair and edge that they really enjoy.
Smart Tips for Wearing High Heels
Wear a shorter heel. A 2-inch heel causes less problems than a 4-inch heel. A shorter heel will give an elongated appearance if it is a thin stiletto type rather than a thick or chunky heel.
Try to save the use of your high-heeled shoes for functions where you will not be on your feet for extended periods of time; treat them as a limited-privilege accessory.
Take your designer shoes to a pedorthist to have them custom fit to your feet. They may be able to stretch the toe box to better accommodate your feet.Try wearing a larger size than usual and insert heel cups into the backs for a better or more comfortable fit.
Wear open toe shoes instead of a similarly-styled shoe that causes discomfort in your toes. Partially open toe shoes have become more acceptable in many work environments, allowing you to further customize your shoes to your feet.Remember that however appealing those high-heel, high-fashion shoes are, your feet need to carry you around for a lifetime. Treat them kindly!
There are very few real problems with walking in high-heels once you get used to them, but as with all things,http://bestfashionlink.blogspot.com/ practise makes perfect. Don’t go head
over heels! Before you wear a pair of high-heels out for the first time, wear them around the house first.
Not only will this let you get a feel for how difficult walking in them might be, but if they are really painful, it’s best to discover this at home rather than whilst a half mile walk from your car on the way home! The added benefit to wearing your strappy sandals at home first is that it can stretch them a little and shape them to your own feet and stretch your ankle too. I know of one girl who regularly sleeps in new high heel shoes to let this accustomisation happen whilst she’s dozing (and I mean sleeps as opposed to any more energetic bedroom night time activities!),Tips High Heels shoes, high heel boots for women ,high heel sandals for women fashion ,stiletto high heels ,knee high heels, girls fashion,wearing boot,High Heels shoes Tips

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