Sunday, February 13, 2011

Acne Pills

What are Acne Pills?

There are many different ways to treat acne. Their are acne scrubs, acne medications, acne pills, herbal acne treatments, and acne prestriptions.
Acne pills are becoming extremely popular. The trend of people moving away from their acne lotions, like proactiv, and supplementing their acne regimen with all natural acne pills.

Are Acne Pills the Same Thing as Accutane?

There is a lot of confusion when people hear the phrase 'acne pill'. There are two groups of acne pills: Prescription Acne Pills and Herbal Acne Pills. prescription acne pills mainly consist of accutane, the popular but dangerous acne drug. It is expensive but popular. Accutane also has a bunch of known side effects and is more of an acne treatment then an acne cure.
Herbal acne treatment, such as biodermazen, 7 day acne detox and acnezine are some of the best herbal acne pills.

What are Acne Pills?

These types of acne pills are all natural and scientifically formulated products designed to treat your acne from the inside out. Not from the outside in. These acne pills have been shown to be a much safer alternative to prescription acne treatments, and less expensive as well.
Acne pills help control free radicals that cause skin damage, aging and wrinkling, and that can contribute to infection. Herbal acne treatments limit inflammation, helping take care of the ugly redness, and working to limit the inflammatory response that can cause scarring.
Acne pills contain all natural ingredients. The most effective herbal acne pills should contain some of the following: DMAE, Dandelion Root, Aloe Vera Leaf, Witch Hazel Leaf, White Willow Bark, Milk Thistle, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
Acne Pill Conclusion
Acne pills are a great, safe, all natural and less expensive solution to help cure acne. Acne pills treat from the inside out. No more smelly, oily creams that my bleach your clothes or leave your face looking oily.
If you are interested in learning more about acne pills, please check out the following reviews, which may include feedback from real customers!

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