Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barely-There' Makeup

How To Apply 'Barely-There' Makeup

Makeup that is 'au naturel' plays up on your best features without leaving you looking too 'overdone'. It might not be glamorous, but it definitely works for those who prefer something more understated. Even so, natural makeup isn't all about going minimal; the trick is to get it to look flawless and believable. Here's how you can ace the 'au naturel' look, courtesy of

natural1.jpgFlawless base
Try using a primer before foundation, which will minimize unevenness in skin texture such as large pores and scars. To attain the most natural effect, avoid matte foundations, which tend to look too heavy. Apply foundation under natural light, and only where needed, and be sure to blend thoroughly.

If you're blessed with good skin, skip the foundation and just reach for a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone.

Set with a light dusting of loose powder using a powder brush. Your powder of choice should be translucent, not bronze-toned nor shimmery.

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