Friday, July 22, 2011

crystal bangle bracelet

beautiful bangles & bracelets for enhancing appearance | golden tone crystal bangle bracelet


Product description
This is the gorgeous golden tone crystal bangle and the different design bangles available in this set.
Price: $49.99
1. This is the very beautiful bangle with crystal.
2. There is a set of bangles which has different design bangles used in it.
3. The design of this bangle set is very beautiful and different.
4. It looks nice when will wear with the traditional dresses.
5. The golden tone enhances the beauty of this bangle.
6. Also provides the look of bracelet when you wear it in single hand.
7. Matched with any dress which has golden work.
This is the very nice bangle set which will be looking nice with any traditional dresses and also looking nice when you wear it in single hand with any other dresses.

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