Friday, March 2, 2012

Embroidered Dresses

Graceful Embroidered Dresses | Bridal Embroidered Fashion

An embroidered dress plays a vital role in women fashion. In fashion industry most important thing which should be under consideration of a designer is accessory and stuff that he/she uses to develop designs of fabric. Embroidery is most famous and common thing to nourish a dress. It has lots of styles based on culture, season and taste. Handmade embroidery with silver or golden thread is very common in bridal dresses. Here we have latest styles of most modern embroidery trends for you.

In Bridal dresses as we notice some important changes in outfit of the dress, similarly the way to embroider a dress is also changed. Now day’s designers use light thread and develop lighter designs using common accessory. This is a modern outfit for a bride; dress consists of a long open kurti with chooridar shalwar. Kurti has wide front style at upper sides that clearly demonstrate a blouse. At blouse simple golden color thread embroidery is being done on modern basis while on the kurti designer do some heavy embroidery work but not so much. Both sides of open kurti are being nourished with beautiful embroidery work and similar work is being done on both sleeves. Stars with some motif are also being used to give some fancier look to the dress.

This is an open long kurti dress with blouse and chooridar shalwar and really famous and trendy now days as bridal wear. This is a modern western style copy having little modification on the basis of South Asia culture. Beautiful modern embroidery work this dress has. Narrow designing with thin thread of golden color is being used to develop a design. Both sides of an open kurti have similar technique of embroidery work and designer develops a fabulous neck style with some extensive use of stars and motif at bust. Star galaxy design is being copied at this dress.

This is a beautiful and fabulous work of modern embroidery using a contrast color scheme. This bridal shalwar kameez has regular outfit with short half sleeve pattern and the neck style is also common. Designer did embroidery work on modern basis and just did work at bust and little work on sleeves. As I explain earlier that now day’s trend has been changed and designers used lighter embroidery stuff and develop thin designs. Silver thread work along with golden stars creates beauty to the dress. Modern embroidery work is really superb on this bridal dress.

This is bridal sleeping dress and one can say this night dress. Dress has little work of embroidery at neck surroundings which give this dress a fancier look. 

This Bridal night or sleeping dress also has some modern embroidery on it. Black upper has beautiful silver embroidery on it. Upper is in short half sleeve pattern. Rest of the dress consists of a skin fit shirt along skin fit trouser. Both dresses are bridal night wear dresses
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