Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bridal Lengha

Traditionally Bridal Lengha are red in color. The Bridal Lengha is heavily decorated with gold or silver Dhaka-work embroidery Swarovski crystals or diamantes can be added to the Dhaka-work to create more ellaborate designs. Many Brides in western countries choose to buy their Bridal Lengha in India where there is far more choice of Lengha at more reasonable prices.
Even so Bridal Lenghas are an expensive aquisition for any bride to be. Bridal Sari are also red in color, and can also be heavily decorated and embroidered. In Indian culture red signifies abundance and fertility.
Despite the fact that red bridal wear (lengha and saree) are an old tradition in India, a few brides do opt out of the tradition and go for a modern alternative, particularly within christian families.
In northern India bridal wear is traditionally red color symbolizing auspiciousness. Green, a colour symbolizing fertility, is also commonly used. Today many Indian women opt not to wear red, and choose other colors.Ironically, second and third generation decendends of Indian migrants living in western countries still adhere to the traditional red color for bridal lengha and bridal sarees.
For most Sikh weddings in western countries, women visit India to purchase Bridal saree. South Indian weddings often use white or cream colored saris. Also in the south there are areas where christianity is a popular religion, in these areas too white is often worn by the bride.
Indian brides in Western countries often wear the sari at the wedding ceremony and change into traditional Indian wear afterwards (like lehnga, choli, et cetera).

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